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The Adventurer Guru

Romeo Durscher - Director of Education for DJI 

I found it fitting to call my friend Romeo Durscher, The Adventurer Guru, for good reason.

Romeo has traveled the world many times over from far away places, like Vietnam, China, Europe, Russia and South Korea. 

I met Romeo on Facebook, during his employment with NASA, technical specialist with Little SDO, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory keeping a close eye on the solar activity of our Sun.  Romeo was also a big part of STEM, encouraging kids to pursue a career related to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. 

Romeo - The Adventure Guru - photo credit Romeo Durscher

Most recently, Romeo has taken on another adventure, as Educational Director for DJI Global, operated and owned by Frank Wang since 2006.

Within a month, his first excursion took him across the world to DJI main headquarters, in Shenzhen, Guangdong, province of China.  And not long after, Romeo was taking on the worldly adventure deep within the jungles of Vietnam.

You most likely saw Romeo's adventure on Good Morning America with host Ginger Zee, chief meteorologist at ABC News. As a matter of fact, when I wrote this article, Romeo had just spent the last seven days deep within the biggest cave in the world, mastering his skills and representing DJI Drone Global.

Part of the ABC Good Morning America with@ginger_zee and team @djiglobal with @ferdinandwolf 

Not only Romeo, but a team of experts embarked on a wild ride with a  Russian M-17 helicopter, trekking across the vast jungle, deep into the heart of the Sơn Đoòng Cave.

Read Romeo's Daily Journal.
The Russian  Mi-17 Helicopter - Wild Ride - Photo Credit : Romeo Durscher

Sơn Đoòng Cave quickly became famous world-wide, not only because it was just recently discovered in 2009, but, so far, it's classified as  the biggest cave, located in Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, Bố Trạch District, Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam.
Sơn Đoòng Cave - Photo Credit Romeo Durscher/ Ferdinand Wolf

Sơn Đoòng Cave reaches depths of 200 metres high, stretching over 5 kilometres in length and a remarkable 150 metres wide.*
Vietnam - Photo Credit Romeo Durscher

It was indeed an adventure, as said by Romeo himself,"

My Dear Friends,

30 minutes ago we landed on our Mi-17 helicopter and are now out of the jungle and now at Oxalis Adventure. 

I am sitting here eating a steak, stinking like I spent the last seven days in a cave...wait a minute...

For the next few days you will be hearing a lot about my two trips to Son Doong, a hidden wonder world !  This was an amazing project and we all wrote a little bit of history by live broadcasting from deep inside the jungle, with drones providing aerial views.

The entire ABC and DJI team worked wonders to make this happen.  And we had the help of the most amazing local people..."

Romeo also adds at the end,"...during the live broadcast...a storm was about to hit and interrupt our cons to New York twice."

Twitter was humming with activity,

 @JRobbMontana: Awesome @romeoch: The view  @DJIGlobal Inspire 1 inside the Sơn Đoòng Cave in Vietnam with @GMA - "Beam of Light”


@JRobbMontana: Very cool @romeoch @GMA: .@Ginger_Zee drones explore cave Vietnam jungle#HiddenWorldsGMA ”

Indeed, Romeo has sparked interest throughout his Twitter, Facebook, About me and Instagram accounts as the Director of Education for DJI, the world's leading drone company DJI Global. 

Photo Credit : Romeo Durscher 

Best way to describe Mr. Romeo Durscher? 

He's a kindhearted American, Swiss born bachelor from San Jose, California, devoted to his career and friends. 

Romeo (truly an avid adventurer) it was a no-brainier, when his long time friend, Mark Johnson introduced him to the DJI drones, filling their thirst for technology and exploring the vast outdoors throughout Europe, United States and Mexico. Before you knew it, their rapid growth of expertise in the field of drones was inevitable. 

Romeo Durscher and Mark Johnson - Visual-Aerials

Closer to home they were scouting the California countryside with this remarkable flying machine.  As quoted by DJI, "'s the most advanced technology, comes together in an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable."

Mark and Romeo quickly set up their own website, Visual Aerials, educating prospective drone pilots at the Adobe Photoshop World Las Vegas, September 3, 2014. 

Panorama View of Las Vegas highlighting The Wynn and Encore Las Vegas - Credit Photo Visual Aerials

With my interest in the film industry, it wasn't long before I met Romeo's Mark Johnson myself,(Principal Creative Chief Officer with Visual Law Group and Principal at Fat Monster Films).

Before you know it, I too was following their adventures throughout the social media, sharing their astounding photos on my Facebook Page, Vegas Reviews, a Vegas Lovers paradise of tips and photos. 

Romeo is certainly the right candidate as Director of Education for DJI. You can follow him on Twitter @romeoch, along with @DJIGlobal and Instagram.

And be sure his amazing Daily Journal!

In conclusion. I'm so grateful for my friends Romeo Durscher and Mark Johnson.



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