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Caesars Palace Review

Caesars Palace Review by Vegas Reviews

Our recent stay at Caesars Palace started with the check-in of our room. Our accommodation was booked as a five day stay with three days complimentary of Caesars Palace due to our Rewards Card membership.

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After twenty minute wait within the streamline of customers patiently waiting for their check-in, we were comforted with a friendly staff member. Due to our 31st anniversary we inquired about an upgrade from our complimentary room. She introduced us to an upgrade room of over 2000 sq ft room offering a dining room, three bathrooms, a guest’s entertainment bar, living room and a grand master bedroom. First she offered the room for $100 per night, but her duty manager refused such an offer. She came back to us sheepish, quickly apologizing letting us know that her boss wouldn't allow such a price. We asked if he would accept $150 per night in which he  stated he could get a much better price per night. With that, embarrassed by the situation the girl attending to us, asked if we would accept $200 per night. We hummed and hawed over this price, as it was just too much, as I already knew that that our last night, Thursday night, would end up costing us the $170 plus $200 and an additional tax charge. Our Thursday night would cost $500 alone.
 My wife voiced her opinion and asked me to go for the upgrade, as it is our 31st anniversary. I decided to please my wives wishes, but still felt it was a little high, but I'm thinking, let the "fun" begin. 

From past experiences with complimentary rooms, they usually have offered us a deluxe upgrade at no charge.

We were here to enjoy ourselves, so we left it at that, even though I knew our overall costs would be $1800 for just the room for five days. What really caught me off guard were the taxes with each night costing a whopping $100. Our room was enormous and apparently the original cost per night was $3600 per night. Mind you, we really didn't have any use for three bathrooms or a large dining room table.
Originally we were going to use the spa, fitness center and go to three different shows, but after our upgraded costs of our room, we could not afford any of these luxuries.

 The next morning we did indulge in the featured Buffet of Buffets at a cost of $34.99 per person for reward card members and $39.99 for non-members. Knowingly we paced ourselves in order to go to all three buffets with Harrah’s Properties. Lago Buffet at Caesars Palace was our breakfast choice and was pleasantly surprised by great friendly service and inviting food for any foodies. You had a choice of freshly-made omelettes, baked ham, turkey or pork bacon, wide range of sausages, assorted seafood & potatoes and a fine selection of pastries.

[Note: Lago since 2012 has been upgraded to BACCHANAL Buffet]

 Our luncheon choice was going to be at the Paris hotel, but after seeing the overwhelming line-up we jetted over to Planet Hollywood and were glad we did. The Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood featured Mexican, American, Italian and Middle Eastern food items.

 I stuck with the American food choices while my wife found fresh hot asparagus in the Italian section. Of course we shared the tasty asparagus while enjoying the beef and chicken dishes. We were seated in front of the Middle Eastern section and if only had room, I would have indulged in the pork kabobs cooking on the bbq. But I did leave room for the tantalizing desserts, like chocolate √©clairs.

 After a long walk throughout the Vegas Strip we headed to our last buffet of the day, back to the Lago Buffet at Caesars Palace. Our choice of prime rib, crab and peel and eat shrimp, we barely made a dent. Needless to say we were FULL!

Next morning we headed to the pool and found we were lucky to be poolside just before 9:00 am, as it quickly filled up. We decided to indulge into one of the bar drinks at a gasping price of $20 per drink, not including tip; needless to say, we had very few drinks at the pool. We quickly learned that any charges to our room would be topped off by a heavy tax. Mind you, poolside was complete luxury and worth the time taking in the sun rays. Throughout our days at Caesars Palace we took in the pool daily.

Of course we took our turn in the casinos and knowingly spent our budget, but with a couple of noticeable wins. Smartly we re-invested our winnings back into the cost of our room. 

On Wednesday, we headed over to our reserved dining experience at the famous Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris Hotel. Within minutes we were seated at our window seat over-looking the Bellagio with its fountain display featuring a beautiful view. Our selection of entrees envisioned a freshly cooked beef wellington with potato gratinee and hot asparagus. Unfortunately our entrees were cold with my beef wellington under-cooked.  I summoned our waiter, his eye brows raised as he looked at the raw beef within the pastry. He quickly took it away, with me thinking that I would receive a new freshly baked beef wellington. Astonished by the quick comeback of my dish, I noticed it was placed under a salamander to finish cooking. Oh well, I'm here to have "fun", so I just left it alone and  decided to enjoy the chocolate souffl√©, which was wonderful.

BACCHANAL Buffet 2012

The rest of our stay at Caesars Palace was uneventful with good service from the casino to our room maid.
In conclusion I would recommend Caesars Palace but be careful with their suggestion on any upgrades. Let the hotel make a choice of upgrading for you at no additional charge. 

The food at Caesars Palace is acceptable with friendly service. Be aware that anything that you want to do will cost you extra, including the internet service of $14.95 per day, fitness center at $25 per day and the spa service starting at $45 per person. Just something to keep in mind. 

Our time at Caesars Palace was overall a "fun" place to stay. I would recommend the 27th Floor for an awesome view!

It is to your advantage to become a Rewards Card member to entitle you to frequent offers either to your door or e-mail address. Join in on the "fun" 

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