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Excalibur Review by Vegas Reviews

Excalibur Las Vegas Review by Vegas Reviews

Day One:

Excalibur, Las Vegas
Arrival at Excalibur would be described as painless and friendly front staff. Quick and easy access to our room with friendly staff greeting you within the hallways.

The rooms on the fifth floor are compared to no-thrills but clean and functional. Our room had a King size bed with your basic TV and Internet access. Excalibur charges a daily fee of $9.95 which includes access to the pool, newspaper daily and Internet.

Update 2014 : Resort Fees are constantly going up.

Excalibur Resort Fees 2014 - $20.16  includes internet, fitness centre and business area. Remember the free drinks to your resort fees? Well, that's history now. And if you use your in-room phone, no charge for local calls. My question is : Who uses in-room phones to make local calls anymore?  We all seem to have our own cell phones. Waiting for the day when in-room phones won't exist anymore.  Aria Resort and Casino along with Cosmopolitan have new touch screen ipads now to acess all kinds of services. But, yes, the phone is still available. 
They also have a business station by Tower II which also provides computer, fax and business related options. This service was extra and could be charged to your credit card.

After our arrival we headed into the main casino of Excalibur and found a busy maintained casino.

We headed over to Sherwood Forest Cafe and enjoyed a very satisfying meal with great service.  After our meal we decided to head over to Luxor (easy access to the second floor) along a indoor path joining Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. You also had to option of taking their free monorail to the adjoining hotel properties.

Day Two:

After much need rest with no interruptions we made our way back to Sherwood Forest Cafe for breakfast. We were greeted by a friendly server who made sure our meal was hot with very little wait. Felt sorry for this guy, so busy with no help.

Our average meal cost $9.95 which included eggs, toast, hash browns and your choice of bacon, ham or sausages. ( Please Note: Prices are changing constantly)

After a very satisfying meal our day was open to site seeing and getting our bearings throughout the Vegas strip. Great  overhead access walkways lead to the your choice of MGM Grand, New York New York or Tropicana. We decided on the MGM Grand, so we could try out the Vegas Monorail.

Entering the mega MGM Grand we were lead down the escalator with the Rain forest Restaurant on our left side. I must say its a nice theme!

Our task was to find the monorail.   After we were lead throughout the MGM Grand, passing by through the casino floor, around many shops and familiar restaurants, such as Emeril's, the monorail was found.  You can take a short-cut from the Rain Forest restaurant side, by the MGM washrooms.

Quickly we noticed by our sore tired feet, the monorail was a fair distance away, making me question the purpose of the monorail.  It was our belief that the monorail would prevent needless walks. We were wrong.  Each station we were dropped off, we had this long walk before we reached the Vegas Strip.  If only the monorail was easy quick access throughout the strip.

After our first day of taking the Vegas Monorail it was apparent that the bus system had better access, but very crowded. Instead of the Vegas Monorail system in the back of each Vegas property, it would make sense to provide better access in front of the properties.

We have found the free ARIA Express from the Monte Carlo through to Bellagio had better access to its properties, such as Vdara, Aria, Monte Carlo and Bellagio.

Day Three:

Once again we took our long walk to the Vegas Monorail and proceeded down the strip to Caesars Palace and Bellagio.

Back to our familiar grounds, we stepped into the lobby of Caesars Palace greeted by their inviting Christmas decor. After a long while in Caesars Palace we headed over to Bellagio hope to find their Christmas Theme in the Bellagio Conservatory Garden, but found the Thanksgiving Theme instead. It made sense, since Thanksgiving was today.

The rest of the day was walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, along the Vegas Strip. The strip was busy and crowded due to the Thanksgiving Day.

Day Four:

Black Friday - Well, what can I say about Black Friday. In a few words: walk, walk, walk, walk and walk. My wife : shop, shop, shop and shop. No wonder they call it Black Friday.

Day Five:

Another great breakfast at Sherwood Forest Cafe of Excalibur and we were off to another day of exploring.

Towards late afternoon we thought we try Dick's Last Resort,also within Excalibur's property. It looked like a fun  place to catch some great finger foods and satisfying few drinks. To our surprise, it wasn't.  We decided to head back to Sherwood Forest Cafe for that friendly service we couldn't find at Dick's Last Resort.  Maybe the name "Dick" implies their service.

That same evening we had tickets to see Carrot Top within the Luxor Properties. The young comedian rewards his guests with a fun performance.

Day Six:

Woke up in our room noticing movement on the wall by the mirror. My wife was already up and had a closer look. To her surprise the wall was covered with little ants going about their daily activity. Not too surprising this time of year, but kind of makes you itch. Not a problem - hurried got dressed and headed down to front desk. Due to being on the fifth floor, the girl was not too surprised and quickly moved us to another suite on the third floor.

Some say the ants are attracted by food or sugar, but we had no food items in the room. Anyway, a small inconvenience and we were once again settled in another room within an hour.

Day Seven: Uneventful day, had fun and just enjoyed ourselves.

Vegas Strip

In Conclusion:

Vegas Reviews would recommend Excalibur as long as you aren't expecting any thrills. You do have the option of  upgrading your room, but this particular trip we decided it wasn't necessary. Mind you, our overall cost for a seven day trip for two was only $1100.  Not bad, considering flight is included. 

Update 2014: You would really be hard press to find the above prices as mentioned. 

During our stay we had a great time with our enjoyable buffet of prime rib and turkey at the Round table Buffet where All You Can Feast.

Some tiny problems, but we did have "fun" and that is the main reason for being in Vegas.

Vegas Reviews comes to Vegas twics a year with past visits to T.I. (Treasure Island), Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Mirage,MGM Grand, Bellagio,Sahara, Paris,Bally's and once upon a time, the Maxim Hotel which was closed on Nov. 21 1999.

Within our stays Vegas Reviews has visit all the Vegas Properties and  experienced it's many restaurants, shows and casino's, including downtown.

Our last scouting visit to the City Center caught our eye and found it an impressive Vegas Resort to visit.

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